Food Grade Silicone
Specially designed for food industry handling application and food processing
Forms a colorless, odorless, non-staining film that lubricates and protects surfaces like plastics, rubber, metal, glass, wood and more. 
NSF® Certified H1 (Incidental Food Contact) and H2 Registration
For food industry handling application and food processing
Good release and parting agent for food sorting lines, molders etc
With Straw
Spray Out
Dries quickly without leaving any residue
WD-40® SpecialistTM Fast Drying Contact Cleaner
Recommended Uses
  • Food Processing & Handling Equipment 
  • Plastic Mesh Chain 
  • Roller Chain 
  • Conveyor Belts & Roller 
  • Bottling Machinery 
  • Food Racks
  • Rings 
  • Pins, Chutes, Guide Rails 
  • Rubber mounting & seals 
  • Pulleys 
  • Linkages 
  • Castors 
  • Bottling machinery
Plastic Mesh Chain
Roller Chain
Conveyor Roller
Conveyor Belts
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