How to Maintain Your Motorcycle?
A clean and squeal free motorcycle is pleasing and most importantly you know that it is safe from possible chain break! Making sure the brake does not give you trouble or squeal is utmost crucial. What’s more, a rust free pedal or parts! All to be done within minutes and with minimal dismantling of parts, and that’s the strength of utilising WD-40® Specialist™ Automotive products range!

Many also asked if chain lube is important, and we would say, YES! Reason being,

  1. Chains are the most overlooked (maintenance-wise) and most abused part of the motorcycle. A chain will fail prematurely if you don’t lube it regularly and more expenses will be incurred.
  2. Cleaning is crucial and utilising a suitable cleaner that doesn’t harm the rubber seals is important too.
  3. Chain will rust if it’s not lubricated, and the seals will become dry and crack.
  4. Lube should leave a film on the chain’s external surfaces, to eliminate moisture from the internal bushes and pins and reduce friction between the chain rollers and sprockets.


  1. WD-40® Multi-Use Product
  2. WD-40 Specialist® Chain Lube
  3. WD-40 Specialist® Brake & Parts Cleaner
  4. WD-40 Specialist® Machine & Engine Degreaser



1. To properly degrease the chain, spray a generous amount of WD-40 Specialist® Machine & Engine Degreaser, wait for approximately 2-3 minutes and wipe away the grime.
2. Lubricate the motorbike chain with WD-40 Specialist® Chain Lube, spray an adequate amount thoroughly onto the inner side of the chain and run through by manually spinning the rear tyre.
3. After it is done, let lube penetrate into chains for a few minutes and wipe away excess.
4. Next, spray WD-40 Specialist® Brake & Parts Cleaner onto brake calipers, without dismantling it and see the cleaner works its wonder on removing gunk and grime from the parts.
5. Finally, use WD-40® Multi-Use Product to clear out and free up stiff, grimy pedals, or protect any potential rusty parts.
WD-40 Specialist® Chain Lube

Provides long-lasting lubrication and protection for chains, compatible for, drivetrain, O, X and Z rings. It is a high performance, fully synthetic and extremely tacky chain lubricant suitable for street and off-road motorcycle, kart and ATV applications. Other than that, it has outstanding anti-fling properties along with superior anti-wear and penetration into chains.

WD-40 Specialist® Brake & Parts Cleaner

Is perfect for rapid and safe removal of brake fluid, grease, oil and other contaminants from brake linings, pads and drums. It is non-staining, leaves no residue and is non-corrosive. Also helps to stop disc brake squeal and eliminate clutch slippage. Most importantly, it helps cleans without disassembling the unit.

WD-40 Specialist® Machine & Engine Degreaser

A powerful degreasing and fast acting solvent. The deep penetrating formulation effectively removes tough grease, oil, dirt, tar, adhesives and more from the engine and parts. Conveniently easy to wipe off or rinse with water.

WD-40® Multi-Use Product

WD-40® protective barrier shields against moisture and other corrosive elements. It deposits corrosion-resistant ingredients over the entire surface area. This WD-40®’s moisture displacement capability also prevents the possibility of a small moisture pocket which can cause future problems on any parts.


WD-40 Specialist® Chain Lube

WD-40 Specialist® Machine & Engine Degreaser

WD-40 Specialist® Brake & Parts Cleaner

WD-40 Specialist® Throttle Body, Carb & Choke Cleaner

Multi-Use Product

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