Survival guide
Use WD-40® Multi-Use Product for survival! 
Featuring the valuable "toolkit in a can"

Disaster can occur any time, so make sure you always have a can on hand. Not only will it be useful in a stressful situation, it'll also save you money on repair once the catastrophe ends.

1. Gets Rid Of Moisture
Rainstorms and floods can prove unforgiving to your tools, car engine, chains and electrical connections. Displace water and keep your stuff rust-free with a generous spray of WD-40® Multi-Use Product.

Use on:
  • Generators and power panel boxes (with power turned off)
  • Bicycle chains
  • Compass
  • Electrical connections (with power turned off)
  • Locks and latches
  • Flooded engines (on a cold engine away from any source of heat!)
NOTE: WD-40 is non-conductive
2. Lubricates Just About Anything

Heatwaves can have damaging effects on moving parts, so when you need to escape disaster in a hurry, keep WD-40® Multi-Use Product on hand to lubricate the gears and pistons of your getaway vehicle.

Use on:

  • Bicycle parts
  • Hinges, latches and locks on doors, gates, toolboxes, ladders and trucks
  • Any moving parts on a vehicle, skis or boat
  • Power tools i.e. drills, nail guns and staple guns
NOTE: Read owner's manuals before applying
3. Keeps Parts Rust Free
A fast-moving flood can wreak havoc on nuts and bolts, leaving them rusted and stuck. Get jammed parts moving after a big storm with a spray of WD-40® Multi-Use Product.
  • Penetrates and removes rust from screws, nuts, bolts, plumbing joints and paint can lids
4. Removes Paint
Starting over can be tough, especially when it involves your home. When harsh weather leaves your space looking less than pristine, use WD-40® Multi-Use Product to assist in any paint job.
  • Coats doorknobs prior to painting to keep paint from sticking
  • Helps remove paint from tile flooring (be sure to wash any WD-40® Multi-Use Product remnants completely to avoid slipping)
5. Keeps Your Car Running Smoothly
Before a severe blizzard leaves your pride and joy encased in ice, prepare for freezing cold conditions and use WD-40® Multi-Use Product to keep your car engine running smoothly. 

How WD-40® Multi-Use Product keeps your ride safe in harsh conditions:
  • Removes carbon build-up on spark plugs
  • Gets rid of residue from solenoids
  • Loosens carburetor linkage when stuck
  • Removes road tar
  • Prevents antennas from freezing
  • Prevents spray nozzles on windshield washers from freezing
  • Dries ignition wires (with engine turned off)
  • Removes residue from pistons
  • Prevents locks from freezing and unfreezes frozen locks
6. Keeps Your Tools Pristine
In the midst of disaster, you will need your tools to be ready for any job. Spray your ax, snow shovel and saw with WD-40® Multi-Use Product to ensure that they are rust-free and in prime condition for chopping fallen trees or removing displaced objects from your yard.
  • Protects tools from rust including shovels, rakes and plumbing tools
  • Lubricates tape measures
  • Helps cool and protects drill bits
7. Unfreezes Locks
New snowfall has triggered an avalanche and the locks on your safe house are frozen shut, making it impossible for you to take cover from the enormous mass of ice, snow and rocks headed your way. Lubricate locks with WD-40® Multi-Use Product to unfreeze them so you can retreat to safety.
  • Frees stuck lock on lock boxes
  • Lubricates lock cylinders during repair
8. Keeps Air Conditioners Running Smoothly
Solar radiation has triggered an extreme global heatwave, which has forced people indoors. Prepare for the worst and use WD-40® Multi-Use Product to keep your air conditioner running efficiently to avoid the unbearable outdoor conditions.
  • Lubricates and protects air conditioner blades (with electricity turned off!)
  • Lubricates knobs on air conditioners
9. Runs Wires Through A Conduit
Unprotected wires can be hazardous in an electrical storm. Before lightning strikes, use WD-40® Multi-Use Product to smoothly pull wires through a conduit to safeguard your property from a potential fire or explosion.
10. Keeps Parts Clean
A massive mudslide has the potential to bury your home, yard or car in soil, rock and debris. Once the clean-up begins, use WD-40® Multi-Use Product to remove mud and grease off your tools and equipment.
  • Removes mud and grime from nuts and bolts.
  • Soaks parts to lubricate and protect.
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